[ASC-list] Is science conducted via intimidation?

Mike McRae chthonicdreams at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 25 06:05:35 UTC 2015

While I can't comment on the intentions of the meme's author, it's not uncommon to view science by way of an oppressive or dominant culture. I'd go so far as saying a strong driver for a lot of pseudoscience and alternative medicine is counter culture in response to that sense of authority.

Science (if it can be distinguished from philosophy) came from the improvements in our ability to predict likely solutions to problems. This means those with wealth and power tend to be in the best position to invest in science's processes ... and decide what constitutes a problem and what sort of solution suits them best. Easy to see how those who don't identify with power or wealth might instead identify culturally with a counter position to science.

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Subject: [ASC-list] Is science conducted via intimidation?

My friend shared on Facebook the attached image that says Science is conducted via intimidation.
As a science communicator, I'm not sure how science is conducted via intimidation, any thoughts?

Glenn Conroy
see pic attached 

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