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Paige Brown Jarreau
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Hi Everyone,

I've been asked to moderate a 90 minute panel / round-table on science
blogging and social media for research and scholarly communications, in
science and beyond, for the conference below.

I'd like to get some feedback from scicomm scholars and practitioners out
there, on what questions you might have about the future of blogging and
other forms of social media for scholarly communications. For example,
questions about how research communications blogging fits together with
modern popular science / blogo-journalism, how blogging is impacting the
practice of research in the 'hard' and social science, the future of
blogging for scholarly communications and open peer-review, etc. etc. etc.
Basically, at this point I'd like to know any questions you have about the
future of blogging and other forms of social media for science
communications and scholarly communications. I'll be asking a few scholarly
communication and sci-blogging expert panel members these questions.


Advancing Research Communication & Scholarship
ARCS is a new conference focused on the evolving and increasingly complex
scholarly communication...

Glenn Conroy
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