[ASC-list] Can you sci-ku?

Lisa Bailey LBailey at riaus.org.au
Tue Jul 7 05:04:45 UTC 2015

Can you Sci-ku?

Get involved in the RiAus Sci-ku competition for a unique blend of science and poetry and have the chance to win some great prizes<http://riaus.org.au/sci-ku/>.

This year the theme is LIGHT, recognising the UNESCO International Year of Light, and National Science Week's theme 'Making waves- the science of light'.

With such a broad topic, there's lots of creative scope.  The only rule is: your entry must relate to science and light.  We're seeking entries for Primary school, Secondary school and Open categories.

A photon's journey
Illuminates its own path
At the speed of light
                Dr Paul Willis, RiAus

For more information including guidelines on how to write sci-ku: http://riaus.org.au/sci-ku/

For some science inspiration watch RiAus Bragg member Prof Tanya Monro describe what light is in less than 60 seconds here: https://youtu.be/Y70ybP1grzM

Or if you have a little longer Prof Tanya Monro can take you through a 20 minute crash course on the science of photonics https://youtu.be/FmEAes44j5s


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