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Kate Patterson medipicsandprose at gmail.com
Fri Jul 17 03:59:28 UTC 2015

Hello ASC, 

I have just launched my latest biomedical animation: Tagging DNA: mislabelling the caner genome! View here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEZHxVqh2IE <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eEZHxVqh2IE>

This animation is part of the VIZBIplus project, funded by Inspiring Australia and the Garvan Institute: https://www.garvan.org.au/news-events/news/tagging-dna-mislabelling-the-cancer-genome <https://www.garvan.org.au/news-events/news/tagging-dna-mislabelling-the-cancer-genome>

Almost every one of our cells contains the same DNA, the same DNA code. So how can cells that contain the same DNA be so different? 

Tagging DNA shows how tiny tags called methyl groups can be added to DNA to affect gene expression. In cancer, the pattern of methylation changes such that some genes that should be on are switched off and some genes that should be off are switched on. 

Unlike the genetic code that can not be easily changed, the methylation or epigenetic pattern can be altered with drug therapy. 

Kate Patterson: http://garvan.org.au/research/capabilities/biodata-visualisation/team/katpat 
VIZBIplus project: http://garvan.org.au/research/capabilities/biodata-visualisation/vizbiplus-project and http://www.vizbi.org/plus
Epigenetics Research at Garvan https://www.garvan.org.au/research/genomics-epigenetics/epigenetics-research

Kate Patterson BVSc PhD RBI
Twitter: @katepatt
Email: medipicsandprose at gmail.com
Phone: 0401755262

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