[ASC-list] Video-chat with scientists on a geological drilling ship

Tom Lang langetc at gmail.com
Sat Jul 25 03:26:02 UTC 2015

Hi fellow science enthusiasts!
I'm Tom Lang, one of the new outreach/communications officers for the
JOIDES Resolution, a scientific drilling ship about to embark on a
two-month expedition off the coast of Western Australia.

If you have a classroom or group of science-enthusiasts who would like to
connect to our expedition in August or September, sign ups for live
interaction tours <http://bit.do/JRexp356> are now open to everyone! Just
click on the link above or go to bit.do/JRexp356, fill in your request, and
we will contact you to arrange a video session. Spots fill quick, to hop to

We'll be bringing up cores from the ocean floor to gain a greater
understanding of climate change, tectonic movement, and Australian ocean
currents over the past 5 million years. So you can talk to our on-board
scientists about that, check out the lab in action, or investigate the
workings of a scientific drilling ship. We're open to requests!

More information on our ship and our expedition can be found at
joidesresolution.org, as well as educational resources and the expedition
blog (which we'll be posting in throughout the expedition).

And if this all just sounds like a job YOU want to do, YOU CAN! As both a
scientist (http://iodp.org.au/expeditions/current-expeditions/) or an
educator! (http://joidesresolution.org/node/453)

If you have any questions about the live broadcasts, the expedition, or
want to recommend any good boardgames to bring, feel free to email me!


Tom Lang
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