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Karen Pearce karen at bloomcommunication.com.au
Fri Jun 12 04:36:47 UTC 2015

Thank you ASCers! I had a great response to my appeal for details of graphic designers/visual science communicators - too many great resources not to share!

The following people either identified themselves to me, or were recommended by others. Their work ranges from general design through to specific science-related creative. 

(My description of the nature of their work is indicative only, based on how they were described, or what I could glean from websites. Apologies in advance if I have over/undersold anyone.)


Biotext | http://biotext.com.au/ <http://biotext.com.au/>
Design, publishing - four designers 

Mats Björklund - Magicpics | http://magipics.com.au/index.html <http://magipics.com.au/index.html>
Multimedia, animation, illustration

Lea Crosswell | leacrozzy at gmail.com <mailto:leacrozzy at gmail.com> 0409 255 691
Design, print

Levent Efe - Medical Illustration Studios | www.leventefe.com.au <http://www.leventefe.com.au/>
Medical illustrations

Elise Hampton | elise.hampton at anu.edu.au <mailto:elise.hampton at anu.edu.au>
Illustration, design - astronomy, physics

Megan Hele - Megan Hele Design | megan.hele at bigpond.com <mailto:megan.hele at bigpond.com> 0438 022 680
Design, print, illustration - rural and agricultural research experience

Margot Hislop - Mango Science Communication | http://www.mangosciencecommunication.com.au/index.html <http://www.mangosciencecommunication.com.au/index.html>
Illustration, photography

Kate Hodge - Hodge Environmental | http://www.hodgeenvironmental.com.au/ <http://www.hodgeenvironmental.com.au/>
Print, web, scientific graphics

Peter Humphries | humphries.peter at gmail.com <mailto:humphries.peter at gmail.com> 0415 158 071
Print, web

James Hutson - Bridge 8 | https://bridge8.wordpress.com/ <https://bridge8.wordpress.com/>
Animations, infographics, illustrations

Bec Jones - Beckon Designs | http://www.beckondesigns.com.au/ <http://www.beckondesigns.com.au/>
Design, production, photography

Russell Kelley | http://russellkelley.info/ <http://russellkelley.info/>
Video, motion graphics

Kate Lindsay - Cogency | http://cogency-design.solutions/ <http://cogency-design.solutions/>
Design, print

Kim Lynch - The Reef | http://thereef.com.au/ <http://thereef.com.au/>
Websites, digital imaging, illustration

Jon McDonald - Xou Creative | www.xou.com.au <http://www.xou.com.au/>
Design, publishing, digital

Stuart McMillen | http://www.stuartmcmillen.com/en/ <http://www.stuartmcmillen.com/en/>
Long-form comics inspired by social issues involving science, ecology, sustainability, psychology & economics

Kate Patterson - Medipics and Prose| www.medipicsandprose.com.au <http://www.medipicsandprose.com.au/>
Biomedical animator and visual science communicator

Inga Reineck | www.idee-und-gestalt.com <http://www.idee-und-gestalt.com/>
Science illustration, design

Gudrun Reiss | gudrunreiss at hotmail.com <mailto:gudrunreiss at hotmail.com> 0416 359 664
Print, design

Tim Smith - Evidently So | http://evidentlyso.com.au/ <http://evidentlyso.com.au/>
Data visualisation, print, web

Andreas Wagner - Cool Planet Design | www.coolplanetdesign.com.au <http://www.coolplanetdesign.com.au/>
Web, print, design

Mitchell Ward - Rock Lily Design & Consulting | mitchell at rocklilydesign.com.au <mailto:mitchell at rocklilydesign.com.au> 0405 712 500
Design, print, web

Karen Pearce | Bloom Communication
PO Box 610 Bathurst NSW 2795 | P 0402 845 300

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