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Sun Jun 14 11:10:23 UTC 2015

Is Physics Phun? Physicists from all of Sydney's research organisations are
heading to the pub this Thursday to answer that question at the AIP's
physics in the pub. Come along for the highlight of the Sydney physics
calendar, ten short talks and performances, each eight minutes of Fab
Fhysics Fun!

THURSDAY 18 JUNE,    6.30 - 9.00  PM
FREE - free pizza included

It was a blast last year - this year's line up is"

*Rob Hollow* (*CSIRO* Astro and Space sci education and outreach) will take
us on a hands-on romp through the solar system. We even get to make a
pocket solar system and take it home to show grandpa.

*Luke Helt* (*Macquarie*) will indulge his favourite pastime, making light
and matter interact, and show us why the world is all those funny colours.

Quantum specialist and all round guru *Keith Motes* (*Macquarie*) will
enlighten us how quantum physics is linked to yoga philosophy.

*Chris Stewart *(*USyd*) taught us how to win a Nobel Prize last year. The
sky’s the limit this year…

Educator *Simon Crook* (*CrookEd* *Sci* & *USyd*) will teach us some
primary science - learning reflection by dancing the conga.

Nuclear physicist *Gail Iles* (*ANSTO*) trained astronauts in a previous
life – buckle up as she takes you for a ride on the ‘vomit comet’.

*Jonty Marshall* (*UNSW*) will sweep behind the solar system's sofa and
show us what rubble and dust is left over after the planets formed.

Don't let *Igor Aharonovich *(*UTS*) anywhere near your diamonds or he will
turn them into a narrow band emitter or optical resonator. Wear silicon
carbide bling instead, we might be able to distract him with that.

*Helen** Maynard-Casely *(*ANSTO*) uses crystallography to study planets.
She’ll talk high-pressure physics and explain why treading on an avocado in
stilettos is good practice.

Theoretical physicist* Peter Rohde* (*UTS*) will expound on quantum
technology and how it will change our world.

Host *Phil Dooley*  (*Phil Up On Science & ANU*) will get us primed about
Pluto, and how it can get itself back into planet-hood before NASA’s New
Horizons probe flypast in July. He'll also premiere the latest Phil Up On
Science YouTube vid.
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