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[Science for curious minds]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-y/>

[The new Nova website has liftoff]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-j/>

The Australian Academy of Science’s Nova<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-t/> website is a much-loved source of science facts and explanations.

From humble beginnings in 1997, nearly half a million people have used Nova to find understandable answers to complex questions. Fast-forward 18 years and many things have changed—the internet is a louder, brighter and more competitive space, and the ways in which we find and consume information has evolved. We needed to change too.

Well, we have. You won’t recognise us. And we believe we can get you excited about science all over again. Our range of topics is broad—think speeding cars, bioplastics, quantum computers, smashing particles, the chemistry of cosmetics and the maths of voting as just a few examples. Topics are presented with infographics, videos and interactive elements to keep you engaged. You can even ask a question of our expert scientists. We’re going to grow at an alarming rate as well; by the end of this year we aim to triple the number of topics and continue to grow in the coming years.

We’re still highly topical and accurate, with all our content reviewed by Australia’s leading scientists. But we’re also beautiful to look at, engaging, user-friendly and accessible.

Are you curious? Come and see what a science-and-website-mad team, backed by Australia’s best and brightest, are doing at Nova<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-i/>.

[Technology & the future]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-d/>

For those who love technology and peeking into what the future might hold, this is the category for you. Our current topics include the science and technology of composite materials, gene technology and plants, the physics of speeding, and death-defying designs for safer cars.

[People & medicine]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-h/>

In our people & medicine category we’ve got a range of information relevant to everyone, whether it’s health, lifestyle or society. Learn about drugs in sport, the Epstein-Barr virus, immunisation and stem cells, or find out how many chemicals are in the cosmetics you use.

[Earth & environment]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-k/>

There’s plenty to learn about the world we live in. We’ve got topics on the enhanced greenhouse effect, sea level rise, ocean acidification, soil, bioplastics, the ozone layer, air pollution, biodiversity, coral bleaching, and the challenges of feeding our hungry, warming planet.

[Space & time]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-u/>

For those who love the extreme ends of the universe, whether it’s the edge of space or the tiniest particles, check out our category on space and time. Read about the Higgs boson and its place in physics, and why we’re building the ambitious Square Kilometre Array.

[Everything else]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-o/>

This is where you’ll find an interesting mix of, well, everything else. Read about the mathematics of voting, discover the buzz on bees, or learn about ethnomathematics, where you can also see what your favourite number looks like in Babylonian, Mayan, Roman or Egyptian.

[Air pollution causes millions of premature deaths every year.]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-b/>

[The risk of being in a serious car crash doubles for every 5km/hr over 60.]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-n/>

[Plastic can last up to 10,000 years in the environment.]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-p/>

[Performance drugs mimic hormones to change the way the body works.]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-x/>

[How will we feed our crowded, warming world?]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-m/>

[Thousands of antennas will work together to answer deep questions about the universe.]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-c/>

Launch video
[Watch our launch video]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-q/>

Find us

So, what are you curious about? Come and explore our reimagined website at nova.org.au<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-jjwjtk-l-a/>. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. (Please do—we’d love some friends!)



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