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Jayne Keane jayne.keane at qm.qld.gov.au
Tue Mar 17 04:40:18 UTC 2015

Hi all
Here's an initiative that might interest you.


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Good morning jayne

Looking for out-of-the-box professional development to generate ideas for integrating arts into STEM?

The Queensland Museum together with The Cube (QUT) have developed a two day professional development event aimed at educators called Creative Lab: STEM to STEAM: 21st Century Learning<http://www.vision6.com.au/ch/30378/3prtn/2256359/ff67448cw.html>

Friday 1st and Saturday 2 May 2015.

Explore content and concepts learned through perceptual, instinctive and creative thinking that combines both sides of the brain and understand how you can use the Arts as a creative tools to create excitement in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Day 1 - Friday 1 May

Choose between the workshops

*         Science in Motion (identify shape and rhythm through nature)
*         Animated Creatures (bring your story to life)
*         Ingenious Engineers (blueprinting your imagination)
*         Collection Electronica (the museum of tomorrow)

Immersive Indigenous Dinner hosted at kuril dhagan (SLQ)

Day 2 - Saturday 2 May

Choose between the workshops

*         Makey Makey (using digital hardware to design a video games controller)
*         Littlebits (protyping with electronics)
*         Design Engineer (robots in space)
*         CubeJam (designing digital STEM content)

All attendees will receive a certificate of participation (CPD) against the Australian Professional Standards.

BOOK Now<http://www.vision6.com.au/ch/30378/3prtn/2221480/ff67416wq5-1.html>  -  Places are limited
Download the Creative Lab  program<http://www.vision6.com.au/ch/30378/3prtn/2211177/ff6746nhg.pdf>

Queensland Museum & Sciencentre
PO Box 3300 | South Brisbane BC | Queensland 4101 | Australia | qm.qld.gov.au


Crn Grey & Melbourne Streets, South Bank, South Brisbane | 9:30 to 5:00 daily | Public Holiday Opening Hours<http://www.vision6.com.au/ch/30378/3prtn/2032339/ff674z0rd.html> | t: +61 07 3840 7555

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