[ASC-list] Is Canberra. Is KindaThinky. Is gooooood.

Rod Lamberts rod.lamberts at anu.edu.au
Tue Nov 3 00:10:30 UTC 2015

You know what happens on Wednesday, November 11?

No, not that solider-war-remembering thing, the *other* internationally significant thing, the KindaThinky TAINT thing!

Here are the big questions…

What happens to a piece of toast when you drop it on the floor? Obviously if you pick it up within 5 seconds, all us clever folks know the answer: nothing. You should just pick it up and munch away.

This is the universally acknowledged “5 second law”, and it protects us all from unnecessarily peanut butter wastage, or worse, from scoffing terrible, tainted toast.

Much like the theory of evolution and quantum mechanics, the 5 second law is unambiguously based on sound biological principles and rigorous scientific research. But sometimes objects - and people - become tainted in ways that are far more complex.

Would you try on Tony Abbott’s (thoroughly sterilised) speedos? OK even we think that’d still be gross. What about Hitler’s gloves? If not, why? What harm could these objects possibly cause you?

How’s about this one? Would you read a book that had been applauded by critics for decades if the author was later convicted of sex offences? Yeah that’s a biggie, eh?

We at KindaThinky feel kinda…awkward about all this whole taint thing, so naturally we figured you'd like to share that awkwardness with us live. With other people. And 4 guests. We promise, nothing will rub off.

Click here http://www.kindathinky.com/#taint and become literally the happiest you’ve ever been (literally)!
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