[ASC-list] [Sydney] Physics in the pub: a Sci Com bonanza! Wed 2/12

Philip Dooley phildooley at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 11:31:38 UTC 2015

Hi All

Hope a few of you can make it along on Wednesday:

It’s Physics in the Pub time this Wednesday 2 December – 7PM at 3 Wise
Monkeys pub, 555 George St Sydney.

It’s free, there’s pizza and cold beer. Eight minute acts: Music, poetry,
good old physics talks, there might even be some maths!

Do you need more reasons to come? Then check out the list of acts:

*Rob Hollow (CSIRO)* put a model of the solar system in your pocket last
time. Can he fit the whole galaxy in this time? (hint: use a black hole,

*Sol Freer (UNSW)* is going to optimise your wavefunction. Positive
thinking for geeks!

*Tom Gordon (USYD)* says physicists are the original gangsters. Watch out
for the FBI, you lot.

*Daniel Cotton (UNSW)* is inspired to poetry. Who says physics has no soul?

*Heather Catchpole (Refraction media)* just won an award for science
publishing. On the side, she once kissed a physicist, and it moved her to
write poetry.

*Jonty Marshall (UNSW)* is getting all HIPPI on us, every grain of dust is
important, he says, as he puts 3D printed sunnies on telescopes.
*Geraint Lewis **(USYD) *will explain the entire Cosmos in 8 minutes, and
still have time to breathe.

*Chris Stewart (USYD) *can’t be with us due to a moon landing, but R2D2
will bring us a hologram of him that’s even better than the real thing.

*Ken Silburn (Casula HS)* is packing heat – his own Bunsen burner. That’s
how he won the PM’s prize for teaching.

*Steve Bosi **(UNE) *is going to give you a CT scan that doesn’t need
equations. Elegant, yet effective.

*Tony Dooley (UTS)* is a mathematician. Who let him in here? Security! Oops
he’s head of physics at UTS.

*Vivian Robinson (ETP SEMRA) *is a physicist from another world. The real
one, outside academia. He’ll illuminate the dark side of the universe.

It’s 100 years since relativity, and we still don’t know if the cat’s dead
or not. *Peter Rohde (UTS)* is the man to give us the answer.

*Gail Iles **(ANSTO)* was an astronaut trainer. Get in, sit down, strap up,
after 8 minutes you'll be ready for blast off

Host *Phil Dooley (Phil Up On Science & ANU) *will put the fizz into
physics, the art into party and the fun into fundamental sciences.
No RSVP needed, just bring your friends and turn up early to grab a good

Dr Phil Dooley
Science writer and presenter
YouTube: Phil Up On Science
E: phildooley at gmail.com
P: 0414 94 55 77
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