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Clare Mullen C.Mullen at bom.gov.au
Sun Sep 20 23:59:50 UTC 2015

Greetings all

Apologies if this is a little 'off topic'. An ex-work colleague is trying to gauge interest in promoting telecommuting; I imagine that there are some ASC members who 'work from home'. Info below and attached; contact Dick directly to find out more via  weathersmart at optusnet.com.au<mailto:weathersmart at optusnet.com.au>

Regards to all

Clare Mullen
From: Richard Whitaker [mailto:weathersmart at optusnet.com.au<mailto:weathersmart at optusnet.com.au>]
Sent: Wednesday, 9 September 2015 1:58 PM
To: Clare Mullen
Subject: FW: Working from home

Hello Clare;

I am sending this e-mail to you as a person who may be interested in the following concept.

I’m trying to gauge if there is any significant community interest in actively promoting the concept of telecommuting – or working from home – in an organised fashion.

Since the advent of the Internet and e-mail, together with increasingly fast connections, there has been a slowly rising trend in working from home. However the “take up” has been much slower than could have been with the two main reasons being:

* Lack of promotion at Government level
* Resistance from some management sectors

Telecommuting is not possible with all types of employment but is well suited to many types of jobs where working from home for say one day a week is entirely feasible.

The benefits of removing one car in five from the roads during the daily commute are considerable and various. These include the obvious ones of a reduction in urban congestion, the demand for freeways and public transport and improvement in the air quality of our cities.

Other “knock on effects” include increased family flexibility – particularly with child minding, insurance benefits, falling car accident numbers (together with the enormous medical costs), reduced human stress associated with traffic congestion, and reduced travel costs for employees.

If there is sufficient interest we may be able to promote the concept in an organised fashion, beginning say with a web site/Facebook page. I would see the entire endeavour as being apolitical – everyone has the potential to benefit irrespective of how they vote.

A promotion/education campaign, particularly addressing Government and management, could help progress the issue.

I have detailed some of these points (and a few more) in the attached document. If this interests you please let me know and please pass this e-mail onto any of your friends who may also be interested. They can also contact me with an email so I can get a handle on numbers.

All participation details and email addresses will be kept confidential and correspondence “blind copied” to all those people who do not know each other personally.

If there is significant interest we can progress to a monthly newsletter and then look at other ways of moving forward.

Successful individuals, corporations, political parties and nations are those that embrace and use new technologies to their advantage. Here is a great opportunity to do just this.


Dick Whitaker

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