[ASC-list] ACT - Wholesome Show ep 2 is NEXT WEEK!

Rod Lamberts rod.lamberts at anu.edu.au
Tue Aug 2 06:22:04 UTC 2016

What’s shaking, Wholesome friends?

We at team Wholesome have been thinking about BIG AND SCARY things lately. We've been all stressed out about how the world might end. Will it be with a bang, or a whimper? We've been thinking about the things we used to fear in the olden days that just seem dumb now. Like...

In the 70s we were all waiting for the oil to run out. And nuclear holocaust.

In the 80s we were all waiting for, well, nuclear holocaust.

In the 90s AIDS was 100% going to wipe out 80 billion people (even more than a nuclear holocaust).

Then along came the naughties and it was all about climate catastrophe (not quite nuclear, but very, very holocausty).

Now it seems global economic meltdown is the new big bad (no so much a holocaust as a dollarcaust <badoom tish>)

And of course alongside these horrors there’s biological weapons, terrorists, asteroids, antibiotic resistance, gay marriage, refugees, wind turbines and Donald Trump all poised to tip us into a dystopian nightmare so awful that even imagining it will kill you and all of your relatives.

These are just the things we thought of over our first sip of coffee this morning. And we ain’t even experts. Imagine what other bladder-emptying stuff might be waiting to pounce that only those really in the know, know.

At The Wholesome Show, we refuse to just sit around and not find out everything we can about how bad things can get. We’re going to talk to the clued-up people who can tell us things that will properly and thoroughly liquefy our bowels. But that’s not enough is it? It can’t all be doom and gloom. Luckily we’re also the kind of plucky investigative journalists* who want to uncover what the world is doing to prepare for all the pending icks. We don't just want to know about worst case scenarios, we want to see what smart folks are doing about it.

Scared enough to be intrigued? Come join us as we discover what’s the worst that can happen.

Nice warm hugs,


PS - our next show is on August the 10th (that's next week kids)
PPS - we sold out last time, so book hard, book often, and book now<http://wholesomeshow.com/live/>!

(*we are not even remotely journalists in fact we’re barely even investigative)

Dr RG Lamberts

Deputy Director
Australian National Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (CPAS<http://cpas.anu.edu.au>)

The Wholesome Show<http://wholesomeshow.com/about/> - making life gooderer

College of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Peter Baume Building (42a)
The Australian National University (Cricos Provider #00120C)
Acton, ACT 2601
P +61 2 6125 0747 | twitter: @rodl

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