[ASC-list] SYDNEY DOCO NIGHT for nature nerds next week

Vanessa Barratt Vanessa.Barratt at bgcp.nsw.gov.au
Fri Aug 12 01:01:33 UTC 2016

Come along next Wednesday 17th August, 6.30pm to Dendy Newtown to see three excellent Australian science films.

Film 1: Maratus: A documystery
When a garbage collector takes a photo of a spider and posts it online, he gets a call from a scientist telling him it might be an undiscovered species. Peacock spiders are so on trend right now!

Film 2: Sticky
Sticky is an animated documentary telling the remarkable story of the big, black stick insects of Lord Howe Island, the last of their kind.

Film 3: Living Close - Parasitism
Relationships are complicated, especially in the animal kingdom. She's an emerald wasp just trying to find the right guy to start a family. He's a cockroach that has left it all behind for a cross-species parasitic relationship.
Tickets are $15 plus booking fees and can be booked via www.sciflix.eventbrite.com.au

This initiative is supported by Inspiring Australia as part of Sydney Science Festival for National Science Week.

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