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Vicki Martin Vicki.Martin at scu.edu.au
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Hi all,

A quick update for those of you who have expressed interest or helped with the Marine Exchanges research project. This research investigated participatory approaches to science communication in Australia, and the potential for marine citizen science to increase public science engagement levels more broadly. Given the focus on marine science in Inspiring Australia, and the participatory model of science communication, we surveyed 1145 marine users around the country (gaining responses from every state and mainland territory) about their background, interest and engagement in science, and their willingness, motivations and preferences to participate in marine science.

Our most recent publication, 'Public Interest in Marine Citizen Science: Is there Potential for Growth?' has been awarded Editor's Choice. This award means the article is available for free access for a limited time (http://bioscience.oxfordjournals.org/content/66/8/683). The award also spurred a podcast and media release with the Senior Editor in the US (http://bioscienceaibs.libsyn.com/marine-citizen-science-room-for-growth)

The research has also attracted some attention from the TV news (http://bit.ly/MarineExchangesNews0816), an ABC North Coast radio interview, and newspaper articles. There is more information in the media release on Scimex (https://www.scimex.org/newsfeed/divers-are-our-top-citizen-scientists-in-the-marine-environment). It has been an interesting experience trying to communicate about science communication research!

The ASC network provided significant support in spreading the word about the survey last year. I'd like to express my gratitude to all who assisted this process. We couldn't have had such a great national response without you!

Many thanks,

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