[ASC-list] Today at 1:30pm AEST online: meet Jillian Browning, marine education and more on the Sapphire Coast.

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Dear ASC-List,

Today's member guest is the Marine Education and Events Coordinator at
Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre (SCMDC) on the far South Coast of
NSW in Eden. SCMDC provides education about the marine environment for all
ages (student and community) through hands-on interactive indoor and
outdoor programs and also provides logistical support for marine research
projects including a marine laboratory for hire. Jillian's day to day work
involves delivering marine education programs to pre-schools, schools and
community groups in the local region and she also works on developing
exhibits for the discovery centre, event planning, running outdoor programs
for the general public and website management.

In addition to her current role Jillian has worked as an outreach presenter
for Questacon and an education officer for Geoscience Australia and has
been immersed in marine biology, environmental education and science
communication for over 10 years. She graduated with a Bachelor of Global
and Ocean Science (Marine Sciences) in 2008, a Graduate Diploma in Science
Communication in 2009 and later added a Graduate Diploma of Education
(Senior Science Education). Join us online today to meet Jillian!

You can read more about the event and post your related questions and
comments here even if you know you can't attend live:


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This webinar is the thirty third Meet the Member in the 2016 ASC webinar
series. The series is free for all current members of the ASC and SCANZ.

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