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Dear ASC-List,

Today's second member guest has gone on some great adventures since a
chance conversation at our seventh national conference in Brisbane in 2014
prompted her to take up an overseas posting.

*[If you'd like to create an opportunity to have similarly life altering
conversations do consider joining us in Adelaide in February for the ninth
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Since leaving the nest (Science in Public) Tamzin has gone from science PR
to research for development in Kenya to biotech startups at the University
of Cambridge!

With a background in journalism and science PR, she has written about
everything from the Higgs boson to mosquitos to stem cells to charismatic
megafauna, for universities, government agencies, international research
centres and start-ups.

She left Melbourne in 2014 for a year on the shores of Lake Victoria in
Kenya talking insects at the International Centre for Insect Physiology and
Ecology as part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development
Programme, supported by the Crawford Fund. Insects are a key part of
agriculture and health systems… as evidenced by her failed kale crop and
bout of malaria.

When her time was up, she headed to Cambridge, Europe’s biggest biotech
hub, to work for genetics start-up GeneAdviser, advising them on branding,
communication and marketing through to their launch in early 2016. In
Cambridge, entrepreneurship is seen as a prestigious route out of academia,
and there’s a thriving ecosystem supporting PhDs and postdocs to create and
grow start-ups.

She now works for the University of Cambridge at Cambridge Social Ventures,
a support programme for businesses making positive social and environmental
impact, managing their training, marketing and other support for
socially-motivated entrepreneurs.

Alongside her work for Cambridge Social Ventures, she continues to work
with start-ups, community organisations and charities to help them share
their story. She helped to organise a conference on rare diseases, hosted
an ‘impactathon’ weekend for health support service The Helpful Clinic and
spends her weekends sowing seeds and digging weeds for Cambridge Cropshare,
a community supported agriculture project.

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