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The final member webinar for the year, join us to meet Tamzin starting in

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> Dear ASC-List,
> Today's second member guest has gone on some great adventures since a
> chance conversation at our seventh national conference in Brisbane in 2014
> prompted her to take up an overseas posting.
> *[If you'd like to create an opportunity to have similarly life altering
> conversations do consider joining us in Adelaide in February for the ninth
> national conference: http://2017conf.asc.asn.au/
> <http://2017conf.asc.asn.au/>]*
> Since leaving the nest (Science in Public) Tamzin has gone from science PR
> to research for development in Kenya to biotech startups at the University
> of Cambridge!
> With a background in journalism and science PR, she has written about
> everything from the Higgs boson to mosquitos to stem cells to charismatic
> megafauna, for universities, government agencies, international research
> centres and start-ups.
> She left Melbourne in 2014 for a year on the shores of Lake Victoria in
> Kenya talking insects at the International Centre for Insect Physiology and
> Ecology as part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development
> Programme, supported by the Crawford Fund. Insects are a key part of
> agriculture and health systems… as evidenced by her failed kale crop and
> bout of malaria.
> When her time was up, she headed to Cambridge, Europe’s biggest biotech
> hub, to work for genetics start-up GeneAdviser, advising them on branding,
> communication and marketing through to their launch in early 2016. In
> Cambridge, entrepreneurship is seen as a prestigious route out of academia,
> and there’s a thriving ecosystem supporting PhDs and postdocs to create and
> grow start-ups.
> She now works for the University of Cambridge at Cambridge Social
> Ventures, a support programme for businesses making positive social and
> environmental impact, managing their training, marketing and other support
> for socially-motivated entrepreneurs.
> Alongside her work for Cambridge Social Ventures, she continues to work
> with start-ups, community organisations and charities to help them share
> their story. She helped to organise a conference on rare diseases, hosted
> an ‘impactathon’ weekend for health support service The Helpful Clinic and
> spends her weekends sowing seeds and digging weeds for Cambridge Cropshare,
> a community supported agriculture project.
> Connect with Tamzin at:
> https://www.linkedin.com/in/tamzinbyrne
> <https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.linkedin.com%2Fin%2Ftamzinbyrne&h=WAQGPlCVC&enc=AZNARNbjpQ2DTyCIPkpYuG51CCAymIN_aL-t6Nh55-94PD9dLHnpdjgc0s8Yc7jP4Qs&s=1>
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> Best,
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