[ASC-list] Explainers and visual communicators. Explaining things with conversational language and appealing visuals. James Hutson on Meet the Member later today.

Kali Madden office at asc.asn.au
Thu Feb 18 05:39:58 UTC 2016

Dear ASC-List,

Today's member guest can be thanked for the current much-loved ASC logo
dots and website, emerging in 2009 during his clever and entertaining stint
on the volunteer comms team for the association.

But what James really does is explain things. Things like nanotechnology,
biotechnology, vertical farming, artificial meat, synthetic biology,
antibiotic resistance, blood pressure, micro-finance, the provision of
disability services, database manipulation and critical thinking. He uses
conversational language and appealing visuals to produce award-winning,
animated and narrated explainer videos, illustrations and infographics.

James is currently Chief Visualist with Explanovision (formerly the Visuals
Department of Bridge8), is based at the Studio Sisu shared space and lives
10 minutes away by bike, with his wife, two children and a small dinosaur.

This webinar is the seventh Meet the Member in the 2016 ASC webinar series.
The series is free for all current members of the ASC and SCANZ.

You can read more about the event and post your related questions and
comments here even if you know you can't attend live:


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