[ASC-list] Explainers and visual communicators. Explaining things with conversational language and appealing visuals. James Hutson on Meet the Member later today.

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Thu Feb 18 06:43:50 UTC 2016

Sorry to those of you who have tried to registered for this event and see
only a white screen, instead of the "Show in my Timezone" and "Register"
buttons at http://www.anymeeting.com/AuSciComm

We seems to have an intermittent browser problem (5 reported cases this
year) and tech support have as yet been unable to resolve. :(

If this is you, we have a work-around.

Email me so that I can send you a direct link to join the webinar.



On Thu, Feb 18, 2016 at 4:39 PM, Kali Madden <office at asc.asn.au> wrote:

> Dear ASC-List,
> Today's member guest can be thanked for the current much-loved ASC logo
> dots and website, emerging in 2009 during his clever and entertaining stint
> on the volunteer comms team for the association.
> But what James really does is explain things. Things like nanotechnology,
> biotechnology, vertical farming, artificial meat, synthetic biology,
> antibiotic resistance, blood pressure, micro-finance, the provision of
> disability services, database manipulation and critical thinking. He uses
> conversational language and appealing visuals to produce award-winning,
> animated and narrated explainer videos, illustrations and infographics.
> James is currently Chief Visualist with Explanovision (formerly the
> Visuals Department of Bridge8), is based at the Studio Sisu shared space
> and lives 10 minutes away by bike, with his wife, two children and a small
> dinosaur.
> This webinar is the seventh Meet the Member in the 2016 ASC webinar
> series. The series is free for all current members of the ASC and SCANZ.
> You can read more about the event and post your related questions and
> comments here even if you know you can't attend live:
> https://www.facebook.com/events/1842492185977367/
> Use this link to register to meet James (register to receive both live
> event access and replay links):
> http://www.anymeeting.com/AuSciComm
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> Best,
> Kali
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