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Dear ASC member

CSIRO Education and Outreach are looking to engage a number of experienced freelance writers to produce two separate educational resources.

(i)                  Sustainable Futures resources

The Education and Outreach team have already prepared a number primary school teaching units as a core component of our Sustainable Futures program. The units; Biodiversity, Carbon Concerns, Sustainable Energy for All and Carbon Capture and Storage are available free to registered schools. We also have a unit in the developmental stage, Agriculture in a Changing Climate. We would like to extend these unit themes in to secondary schools. The secondary school version will keep the same title but content will need to be curriculum rich, age appropriate, current and include some of the research and development undertaken by CSIRO - where appropriate.
The primary school units have around 30-50 pages with the similar formatting and layout. The units are divided up into themes with a fairly concise introduction to a specific theme and a number of suggested activities closely related to the theme.  It's anticipated the senior school units would have the same format and layout as the primary school units.
To view the Sustainable Futures units: http://csirosustainablefutures.ning.com/

(ii)                Science and Solutions for Australia

To support the use in senior schools of our Science and Solutions for Australia texts; Climate Change, Water, Biodiversity and a school edition of CSIRO's Global Megatrends. We require a series of educational resources which utilise the content from each of these texts. These can be viewed at: http://www.publish.csiro.au

To be considered for either or both of these opportunities you will have experience in writing educational resources particularly senior school materials. You will need to be fully familiar with the Australian Curriculum with a good understanding of science, technology and maths, and the ability to identify relevant, safe practical activities which complement the content of each of the associated resources.

If you are interested, have the relevant experience and would like to discuss the opportunity or would like more details please contact me in the first instance by email or phone.

Warm regards,

William Flynn
Manager | Careers and Sustainable Futures
CSIRO | Education and Outreach
E william.flynn at csiro.au<mailto:marian.heard at csiro.au> T +61 8 8305 0635
PO Box 10041 Adelaide BC SA 5000 | Kintore Av Adelaide SA 5000
www.csiro.au<http://www.csiro.au/> | www.csiro.au/education<http://www.csiro.au/education>

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