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*Call For Papers: Journal of Science and Popular Culture*
Co-Editors: Steven Gil and Bill Lott
The integral place of science in global society as well as the
proliferation of science and technology on television, in films, and across
the internet, makes it more important than ever to examine the dynamic and
complex connections between popular culture and science. Studying science
and popular culture is essential to understanding how scientific ideas
are utilized, explored, critiqued and sometimes exploited outside of their
formal contexts. Similarly, it provides insight for evaluating the many
levels at which popular culture inflects and frames scientific knowledge,
research, and understanding.
Working with a distinguished international board, the *Journal of Science
and Popular Culture* - a new, peer-reviewed academic publication - aims to
create a unique forum in which to analyse, chronicle, and interpret the
interrelationship of science and society. Contributions from academics,
scientists, communicators, industry professionals, practitioners, and
others with an interest in the interface of science and culture are now
invited. The first issue will be in print October 2017 with ongoing
publication starting 2018.
Further information about the journal and its board can be found at:
Any scholarly approaches or disciplines may be used and focus extends
across all geographic, contemporary, and historical contexts. The *Journal
of Science and Popular Culture* strongly reinforces interdisciplinary and
multidisciplinary research, opening up new possibilities for inquiry across
and between the humanities and sciences.
Full article manuscripts of 6,000-8,000 words (inclusive of notes,
references and other material), shorter proposals, and inquiries can be
sent to Steven Gil:
drstevengil at gmail.com
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