[ASC-list] Unlocking the secrets within using light—from wine to embryos, Professor Tanya Monro

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Unlocking the secrets within using light—from wine to embryos, Professor Tanya Monro

The invention of the laser in 1960 drove the first photonics revolution, with lasers changing everything from manufacturing to consumer electronics. We are now at the beginning of the new photonics revolution: the use of light to unlock the secrets inside objects as diverse as the human body, wine barrels and exploration holes deep within the earth’s crust.

This talk from Professor Tanya Monro will present recent research developments that are shaping this revolution.

Follow all the talks in our Bots, Bacteria & Booze: Science of the Everyday speaker series through science_academy or through #everydaysci.

When: Tuesday, 5 April 2016, refreshments from 5:30 pm.
Lecture and live streaming 6pm – 7pm

Where: The Shine Dome, Gordon St, Canberra, ACT 2601
$10 entry, free parking

Purchase tickets here<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-hrlkhrl-l-y/>

[Bots, Bacteria and Booze: Science of the Everyday]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-i-hrlkhrl-l-j/>

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