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Kylie Walker Kylie.Walker at science.org.au
Tue Mar 29 02:13:57 UTC 2016

Hello ASC-ers,

The Academy is venturing to Hobart in the dead of winter to tackle the cold, hard facts of mortality with a few dead-awesome speakers. Love to see you there if Hobart is your town.

Kylie & co.

[DEATH: the Science of Life & Death]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-l-hrjyltk-dytjlrirj-r/>

DEATH: the Science of Life & Death

One Australian is born every 1.45 minutes; one dies every 3.25 minutes. We’re good at talking about the beginnings of life, but pretty awkward when it comes to facing the end.

In this first of the Australian Academy of Science’s new national public event series, ‘The science of life & death’, we’ll look at death from three fascinating angles: from preventing death and identifying the exact moment of death, to the science and logistics of mass death events, and why scientists are burying bodies in the Blue Mountains.

Join a trio of seasoned death experts – Professors Roger Byard, David Caldicott and Shari Forbes, and science broadcaster Bernie Hobbs – for a lively discussion on a deathly topic.

What: DEATH: the science of life & death

When: 6:45pm-8:00pm June 27, 2016

Where: Theatre Royal, Hobart, 29 Campbell Street

Book now<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-l-hrjyltk-dytjlrirj-y/>

[DEATH: the Science of Life & Death]<http://newsletter.nova.org.au/t/i-l-hrjyltk-dytjlrirj-j/>

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