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Science Says! 2016

Don't forget - our science themed comedy panel show is just days away
(Sydney and Adelaide this weekend, Brisbane next Wednesday!) To get a taste
for what's in store, check out the video below for some highlights from our
2015 show, including our team captain trying to mime the addictive nature
of Tetris!


This year, we've got world leading researchers, gifted comedians, and
professional science communicators ready to battle wits and wittiness on
the top science stories of 2016. Hosted by well known figure of stage and
science, Dr Joel Gilmore, you’ll be guaranteed a night of entertainment,
competition and comedy – and perhaps even education! So secure your tickets
early and join us in November to find out what Science Says!

Check out our performance times in Sydney, Adelaide and Brisbane below and
get your tickets before it's too late!

19 November – Adelaide

Competing for scientific glory in Adelaide is: bioinformatician, data
scientist and beer connoisseur Dr Jimmy Breen; metaboloepigeneticist and
comic Dr Hannah Brown; The Conversation editor, Beyoncé fan and wannabe
ultra marathon runner Dr Sarah Keenihan; chemist and the former face of
Adelaide Noby Leong; physical chemist, surface scientist and 2016 Great
Dr Andrew Stapleton; and palaeontologist, RiAus Director and train
enthusiast Dr Paul Willis. This event will be hosted by physicist,
engineer, science communicator and entertainer, Dr Joel Gilmore.

§  Time: 4-5:30pm (doors and bar open at 3:30pm), 19 November 2016.

§  Venue: RiAus <http://riaus.org.au/>, The Science Exchange
<http://scienceexchange.com.au/>, Adelaide.

§  Tickets: $10 online <https://www.trybooking.com/MXDD>, $15 at the door*.

§  Calendar: add Adelaide’s event to your Facebook calendar

20 November - Sydney

Competing for scientific glory in Sydney is: contortionist, acrobat, fire
spinner and astrophysicist Jess Bloom; neuroscientist and jazz singer
Josien de Bie; molecular biologist and rock climber Dr Elinor
Hortle; biologist, social insect enthusiast and defender of science Dr
Marianne Peso; investigator of illusions, delusions, and altered states of
consciousness Dr Vince Polito; and biomedical researcher, educator and
adventurer Dr Jen Rowland. This event will be hosted by physicist,
engineer, science communicator and entertainer Dr Joel Gilmore.

§  Time: 3-4:30pm (doors open at 2:30pm), 20 Novmeber 2016.

§  Venue: Sydney Powerhouse Museum
<http://maas.museum/visit/powerhouse-museum/>, Ultimo.

§  Tickets: $15 Adult/$10 MAAS Member
<https://maas.museum/join-support/members/maas-members/>/$8 Concession
online <https://www.trybooking.com/MXDO>. All tickets $20 at the door*.
Ticket includes Museum entry.

§  Calendar: add Sydney's event to your Facebook calendar

23 November - Brisbane

Competing for scientific glory in Brisbane is: entomologist, educator and
entrepreneur Gurion Ang; co-creator of *Smart Enough to Know Better
<http://smartenough.org/>* – a podcast of science, comedy and ignorance –
Dan Beeston; mathematician and winner of *The Great Debate: My Research
Ben Burton; astrophysicist and captain of the Australian ultimate Frisbee
team Prof Tamara Davis; comedy improviser and lovable idiot Tom Dunstan;
and palaeontologist, taphonomist and video gamer Caitlin Syme. This event
will be hosted by physicist, engineer, science communicator and entertainer
Dr Joel Gilmore.

§  Time: 7:30-9pm (doors open at 7pm), 23 November 2016.

§  Venue: The Edge, State Library of Queensland <http://www.slq.qld.gov.au/>,
South Brisbane.

§  Tickets: $10 online <https://www.trybooking.com/MXDQ>, $15 at the door.

§  Calendar: add Brisbane’s event to your Facebook calendar

Please submit any questions via email
<info at thesciencenation.com?subject=Spot%20the%20Bull%20S...cience>.

* Tickets bought at the door must be paid for with cash only.


Dr Andrew Stephenson

Phone: +61 421 400 688 | Email: drastephenson at gmail.com

Web: www.thesciencenation.com | Facebook: Dr Andrew Stephenson
<https://www.facebook.com/drastephenson> | Twitter: @DrAStephenson
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