[ASC-list] Starting in 5 mins!!: Today at 1:30pm AEST online: meet Cathy Reade, Director, Public Affairs and Communication, The Crawford Fund. Board Member, World Vegetable Center. International food security.

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Thu Oct 27 02:27:10 UTC 2016

food security comms, international development and more..

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> Dear ASC-List,
> Today's member guest spent her early career working for a range of
> Canberra-based lobby groups. In 1989 she started working for the Crawford
> Fund (https://www.crawfordfund.org/), a non-profit organisation that has
> worked since then to raise awareness of food security issues and involve
> Australians to train developing country agricultural scientists to help
> improve food security. Cathy developed and manages the Crawford Fund’s
> journalism award, Master Class in Communication with Stakeholders (for
> scientists in developing countries, with Econnect Communication), and a
> program to encourage young Australians in their study, careers and
> volunteering for developing countries. Additionally, she has a (now very
> part time) media consultancy concentrating in the not-for-profit sector.
> Cathy sits on the board of the World Vegetable Center (http://avrdc.org/) which
> conducts research, training and promotion on vegetables for improved health
> and global poverty alleviation. Join us online to meet Cathy!
> You can read more about the event and post your related questions and
> comments here even if you know you can't attend live:
> https://www.facebook.com/events/264270477263636/
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> This webinar is the forty second Meet the Member in the 2016 ASC webinar
> series. The series is free for all current members of the ASC and SCANZ.
> Use this link to register to meet Cathy (register to receive both live
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