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Mon Oct 31 12:30:37 UTC 2016

Stefan Schmidt is a really nice guy who runs programs in Africa for the Volkswagen Foundation.

He just sent this note:

my son Julian and his friend Nico, both 18, smart guys, have just finished school in Frankfurt, and are guess what, travelling Australia as work-and-travellers, like thousands and thousands other young Germans. They rented a camper in Sydney and drove up in September and october all the wondeful coast up to Cairns, doing marvellous things, like Frazer, surf camp in Byron Bay, whale watching , Whitsundays, Barrier Reef etc. The plan was to first enjoy Australia and than look for a job. They flew to Melbourne where they are kind of stuck at the moment as they are at the point of getting financially broke, as Australia is so expensive. They are looking for jobs all day, staying in the cheapest hostel and eating noddles two times a day. Actually they are getting a bit desperate as their are sending out CV's and having job talks all day without any result as there seem to be 20 backpackers for one job offer. If this continues they have to leave Australia in two weeks, instead of staying for at least another 6 months, or more.

They are not attached to Melbourne in any way, in fact their favourite twon was Brisbane so far. So my question is: do you know anyone anywhere (can be Outback as well) who might give them a chance, working in a hotel, bar, restaurant, industry, fruit picking, baby sitting (actually my son is exceptional with kids, surf board renting or gym (he is really a sports crack), horses (he is a good rider) etc...it really does not matter much which kind of job and how much the pay is as long as they earn enough to live in a decent place, and to be able to get some proper food...

Normally I would not have helped him but things look really very difficult down there at the moment and I think they need help with their first job. So as you might know friends who know friends who might...

I joined their CV's here in case you have an idea. His Australian phone number is +61 448286953

Perhaps some ASC-er needs a baby-sitter?  Or to rent a surfboard? Exercise their horse?  A laden peach tree in the backyard?

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