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How many guests are on The Wholesome Show next week?

FOUR! That's right, next week you get 4 guests for the price of 3!

No need to thank us, it's just another way we at Team Wholesome strive to make everyone's life just that little bit sweeter.

Now of course if you want to make our lives sweeter, why not come along <http://wholesomeshow.com/live/2016/5/17/september-14> and help us take an axe to this 'truth' thing with the Fantastic 4 below?

(Go on, you know you want to...)

Nice warm hugs,

PS - our next show is called "Can You Handle The Truth?<http://wholesomeshow.com/live/2016/5/17/september-14>" We are VERY excited by this topic!

PPS - We're pretty sure you'll hear things that make you go "oooh" if you trundle along to the Wig & Pen at 7:30 this Wednesday, September 14<http://wholesomeshow.com/live/2016/5/17/september-14>

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Best*. Email list. Ever...

Our 4 Wholesome Guests...

Belinda Dopita is an HGSA certified Genetic Counsellor with a Masters degree in Genetic Counselling.  She has practiced in the USA and Australia, and has a special interest in prenatal genetic screening and diagnosis.  With a background in psychology she also has extensive experience working with children and young adults.  She currently works part time at The ACT Genetic Service at The Canberra Hospital and has also developed Canberra’s first private genetic counselling practice.
Plus she's an ex-ANU student, has three children and enjoys horse riding. Seriously, you just can't get more truth-handley than this!
Dr David Caldicott along with scientists from the Research School of Chemistry, ANU Medical School and the Centre for Social Research and Methods, David leads the newly established Australian Drug Observatory. The Observatory will address some of the gaps in illicit drug and medicinal cannabis research in Australia though innovative, multi-disciplinary research.
To quote Dr C — A war on drugs is an ideological construction that flies in the face of everything we know about young people, which is that they like to use drugs so the only thing that we really should be persuading them to do, as doctors, is to try to keep them alive while we try to persuade them not to use drugs. That's what harm minimisation is all about.
Associate Professor Simone Dennis likes to dig into all of the controversial things. Like in her fourth book, which examines smoking practice in Australian urban spaces and looks closely at the ways in which smoking entails and occasions social and corporeal relationships with others under increasingly legislated conditions governing space and behaviour and comportment within it.
What's that even mean?
Honestly we weren't sure at first either. Turns out it means she can tells us all kinds of interesting things (theoretical and from her real life) about research and ideas that people might not be too keen on hearing about. Or believing...
Prof John Wanna is the Sir John Bunting Chair of Public Administration at the ANU. What does that mean, you ask? It means there’s probably nothing about how the public sector does (or doesn’t) speak the truth to power he hasn't heard about. And by power, we mean our elected officials.
John’s expert in all manner of public sector hijinks, like public administration and public policy, New Zealand government and politics, Australian government and politics, comparative government and politics and more.
Not drooling yet? Well take a look at the names of a couple of his recent articles.
'A most peculiar implosion - The Australian Federal Election September 2013: A Case of a fractured Government that inflicted defeat upon itself'
'The Tribalisation of Australian Politics Continues: out with the old "Feuding Cliques" and in with the new "Partisan Gang"
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