[ASC-list] Update your skills! The ASC Grants Program closes Friday

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Hi everyone,

Have a course or workshop you really want to attend but just don't have the funds available?

You're in luck - the ASC Grants Program.....wants you....to apply for one of our four opportunities on offer.

Get in quick though as applications close Friday.

This year we have targeted a few of the opportunities towards early career scicommers or academic scicommers - see below:

Apply via http://www.asc.asn.au/grants (and spread the word!)

The Australian Science Communicators Professional Development Grant

Worth $600, the ASC PD Grant is open to the imagination and is up to the applicant as to how they justify using the $600 to enhance their skills in the field of science communication. Previous grant winners have attended writing workshops and festivals and online courses.

The Peter Pockley Grant for Professional Development in Investigative Journalism

Worth $600, this Grant is in dedication the late Dr Peter Pockley<http://www.abc.net.au/radionational/programs/scienceshow/peter-pockley/4899976>, a life member of the Australian Science Communicators who sadly passed away in August of 2013. Dr Pockley was widely acknowledged as making an incredible contribution to the field of science communication and scientific journalism. The award is favoured to those who wish to undertake professional development in the field of Investigative Journalism. Previous winners have worked with leading journalists at ABC and undertaken digital workshops.

The Cosmos Internship

This year Cosmos Magazine<http://www.cosmosmagazine.com/> are offering a special opportunity for an ASC member to undertake an internship with their team.

Cosmos is a general interest science magazine that explores the frontiers of scientific knowledge, from medicine to astronomy to archaeology.

About the internship

The internship would give a member the opportunity to work with the Cosmos team and understand how a print magazine goes from inception to final product. The intern would work with the editorial team, including editors and designers. She or he would be given the opportunity to write short news pieces for the magazine's Digest section, and could also contribute to writing photo captions and other aspects of compiling the magazine, depending on interest. There will also be the chance to learn how magazine features are reported, written and edited, and develop the skills needed to identify a good feature idea and write a strong pitch. This is a great opportunity for anyone wanting to enhance his or her writing skills, learn how magazines are put together and network with some of Australia's best science writers and editors.

Length of internship

The internship length is open for discussion, you would be working with the team in the Melbourne office and would need to provide your own accommodation while in Melbourne.

The recommended time to achieve the best outcome is 3-4 weeks; however for those who need to travel this could be negotiated with aspects of the internship moving online if required.

Writing coaching program with MD Writing and Editing

This year, Dr Malini Devadas from MD Writing and Editing<http://mdwritingediting.com.au/> is offering a special opportunity for an ASC member to undertake a writing coaching program. This focuses on academic writing and would suit a PhD student.

About the program

The three-month program has been developed to help people improve their academic writing skills by following my seven-step writing process. It will help anyone who struggles to write because they don't know how to get started, spend too long writing and revising countless drafts or write too much and don't know how to prune it back. I believe that academic writing, no matter how technical the subject matter, should be clear, concise and compelling - these are the outcomes we will be striving for during the program.

What's included
?  A one-hour (online) workshop on the seven-step academic writing process
?  6 x 30-minute Skype calls
?  Feedback on your work at each stage of the process
?  Unlimited email support
?  A comprehensive edit of your final draft (up to 5000 words)
?  A written report on your final draft and your progress throughout the program

About Malini

After finishing a PhD in neuroscience and a postdoc in medical research, Malini realised that she loved the writing more than the lab work. So in 2004, Malini switched careers and started working as a science writer and editor. She has a Graduate Certificate in Editing and Publishing and is accredited with the Australian Institute of Professional Editors. Through her business, MD Writing and Editing, she provides editing, training and writing coaching services to academic staff and students.
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