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*Parasites Lost: The story of one woman, who has contained multitudes.*

*Alanta Colley has travelled the world; she’s lived in villages, and taught
health education to remote communities. She’s also managed to contract most
of the world’s least pleasant parasites. Essentially she’s terrible at her
job. Come on an adventure, across the world and through Alanta’s intestine;
and learn about some of the world’s cheekiest micro-organisms, and
how Alanta contracted each of them. Not a show for the faint of heart. *

You’re never alone, when you’ve got a parasite. Ten years of travelling and
working in Asia and Africa, Alanta has seen a few things. And eaten a few
things. And yelled her lunch into not an inconsequential number of toilets.

Alanta Colley is a public health practitioner, a comedian, and a
bee-keeper. During the day she works at Engineers Without Borders. By night
she tells jokes about her bees to confused comedy crowds.  She spent most
of her twenties gallivanting about various countries, working in East
Timor, Cambodia, Uganda and Kenya, on malaria prevention programs and
sanitation programs. This is her debut solo Show.
"An impressive debut festival show" - Squirrel Comedy

"Colley is a warm, witty and unique performer" - Web Wombat

*Parasites Lost *opens on the 10th of April at the the Belleville in
Melbourne and runs for 6 nights only, returning from sell out Melbourne
Fringe Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival performances. Bookings

*Show Details: Parasites Lost *

Dates: April 10-15

Time: 7.15pm

Cost: $25-22

Venue: Belleville, Globe Alley, Melbourne

*Tickets:* https://www.trybooking.com/book/event?eid=258627
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