[ASC-list] VIC event: SCI FIGHT science comedy debate, 17th August

Tom Lang langetc at gmail.com
Sun Aug 6 04:08:53 UTC 2017

Australians! Scientists! Communicators!

There's just over one week until the second SCI FIGHT!

Sci Fight is a quarterly science comedy debate hosted by quarrelsome
comedians Tom Lang (of *Love, Factually*) and Alanta Colley (of *Parasites
Lost*). The battlefield is the Spotted Mallard in Brunswick, home of The

Your hosts will be joined by Melbourne's funniest and smartest comedians
and scientists to fight it out (rhetorically) for your approval
(fleetingly) live on stage (literally). It's going to be eye-opening, mind
blowing, and side splitting. No organ is safe!

This round's topic:* "Seeing is Believing"*

How do we know what is real and what is not? We scientists like to see
things with our own eyes. But there are plenty of things we believe in that
we’ve never seen. The moon landing. Manatees. A million dollars. (We're
still waiting for that climate change conspiracy money)
And sometimes we see different things. Some see a black and blue dress.
Some see a white and gold one. Some see a duck.
And even if we do all see something, what if we’re all actually just
manatees hooked up to the matrix? What if those manatees are just the dream
of a sleeping giant? What if that sleeping giant is just a SIMULATION.
Gosh, I need to sit down.
Arguing this round will be a magician, a philosopher, a neurologist, and
other assorted weirdos. Watch them disappear into known unknowns, unknown
unknowns, and why there are no stars in those photos of the moon landing!*

Tickets are available online at *https://www.trybooking.com/QRQM

The event is on the 17th of August at 7.00pm. Groups of 4 get tickets at a
$4 discount, and tables are limited, so grab your lab partners, lock up
your guinea pigs, and get yourself a front row seat!

**It's because of camera exposure settings obviously*
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