[ASC-list] On in 10 mins >> Today at 1pm AEDT online: Partners in #scicomm event. Meet collaborators Janet and Richard of Biotext and find out how they worked together to grow the business, manage a leadership transition and much more..

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> Dear ASC-List,
> Welcome to this Partners in #scicomm event where we meet collaborators
> accomplishing more together and ask them how they do it.
> Janet Salisbury and Richard Stanford are two of the directors of Biotext
> Pty Ltd (http://www.biotext.com.au/). Biotext is a science communication
> business providing a range of integrated print and digital publishing
> services (research and analysis, writing, editing, design, data
> visualisation, web production and training), and specialising in health and
> biomedical science, environment and agriculture.
> Janet has a background in biomedical research and made a career change
> into freelance science writing and editing in the early 1990s. She founded
> Biotext as a single director company in 1999 with herself and 1 other
> employee and based in studio premises in her back garden. The company has
> since moved to commercial office premises and grown to 17 employees based
> in Canberra, Melbourne and Sydney.
> Richard joined the company as General Manager in 2011 after Janet put out
> a call for a person with interest and skills in science publishing who
> could help her develop the business. Richard has a background in
> educational and academic publishing, visual art, electronic media and
> graphic design. He has a PhD in new media and cross-disciplinary studies in
> art and science and has worked with some of Australia’s top scientists.
> Janet has written and edited 100s of science documents for government,
> academia and non-government organisations. She has worked with many
> high-level expert committees to assess and communicate science information
> of national and international significance. She has always incorporated a
> strong information design element into her writing and editing work, and
> she recognised a kindred spirit in Richard, who brought indepth academic
> and practical experience of how readers interact with information visually.
> An early Biotext initiative of Richard was to open an inhouse graphic
> design studio, which allowed the company to integrate graphic design and
> text development to maximise information design and visual communication.
> This has contributed to innovative visual design for many documents of
> national significance, including Australian state of environment reports in
> 2011 and 2016.
> As Janet started a transition to retirement Richard and a number of other
> staff took up shares in the company. He became a director in 2014 and is
> now Managing Director.
> Join us online to meet Janet and Richard today!
> You can read more about the event and post your related questions and
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