[ASC-list] Examples of science orgs that have won with digital (particularly social & email) content

Claire Harris claireharris.oz at gmail.com
Thu Jul 6 00:46:42 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I'm looking for some examples of science/government organisations that have
implemented digital/online content marketing (particularly via social media
& email) and achieved great things for themselves.

Great things could be increased stakeholder engagement or funding targets -
doesn't really matter. As long as the efforts were tied to their org/biz

I'm reviewing the winners of various awards (eg. Effie, APMA, AMI) as one
source but looking forward to what you might know of here in the brains
trust :)

If you have a case study from a science/tech/engineering business then I'd
be interested in that too.

Thanks so much,


Claire Harris
claire at innovatecommunicate.com

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