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Carly.Siebentritt at csiro.au Carly.Siebentritt at csiro.au
Mon Jul 10 05:52:21 UTC 2017

Hi All,

Just a reminder that science-rock band Ologism are playing live at the Royal Society of Victoria this Wednesday at 7:30pm.

Tickets available online via Eventbrite or at the door (cash only.)

Music that melts in your mind . . . science as nature didn't intend
Featuring a bit of rock and a touch of funk, some science, some tech and a dash of punk, Ologism is one of Australia’s most energetic and unusual shows. With a repertoire that roams untethered through a range of musical styles, including pop, rock, funk and blues, the Ologism team have toured Australia many times, exposing air showers, lost bees and the cyber nose. They have appeased exploding ants, loved potatoes and seeded clouds.

The coupling of great music, live demonstrations and energetic performance has seen this unique three-piece perform in pubs, theatres, laneways, halls, cafes, on the back of a truck and on at least one radio telescope. Now it’s the turn of the Royal Society of Victoria. One show only!
Suitable for ages 15+

OLOGISM LIVE at the Royal Society of Victoria, Wednesday July 12th, 7.30pm
Limited seats available, so book now!


Grab a taste of the music:

To find out more:

RSV is an historical building and is not accessible. This event takes place up a large flight of stairs.

Cheers Carly

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