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Phil Dooley phildooley at gmail.com
Wed Mar 8 11:19:37 UTC 2017

HI All

I'm running a Physics in the Pub event partnered with the Aust Institute of
Physics on March 24, and there are a couple of slots open for creative 8
minute science presentations - contact me ASAP.

Details below:

Eight snappy physics acts, each of a mere eight minutes - and YOU are
invited to take part.

Just give us eight minutes of phun, phascinating physics: a demo, a story,
a song, some stand-up or a new twist on a traditional presentation. You
know what I mean - we’re not talking frictionless inclined planes or
spherical cows in a vacuum. Maybe even no

Connect on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/events/648145808720931/ -
please like and share

(It's a distant cousin of the Science in the Pub Adelaide series, but
different to their awesome discussion-style panels!)

In Sydney and Canberra we've had touch-paper explosions, particle physics
gaming, songs, potty-mouthed stand up and some plain ol' damn good physics
talks. Professors, students, teachers. Adelaide, it's your turn to emit
radiation isotropically!

Anything goes in this format which is sweeping the UK – show off an
innovative approach to communication in front of a friendly audience.
Astronomy, quantum, particle physics, materials, geophysics, everything

Or if you’re too chicken to try it, then mark the date, and come along to
laugh, cry and cheer!

I will be your MC on the night, and I will MAKE the audience applaud,
cheer, laugh (when appropriate) and worship you; so do not be afraid.

Besides, it’s in a pub, they’ll be “favourably disposed”.

Date: Friday 24th March 2017
Time: 6 – 8 PM
Venue: Rob Roy Hotel, 106 Halifax St
Cost: Free


Work required on your behalf : A measly 8 minutes (and maybe
a practice run or two)

Just drop me an email with a title, a description of your act, genre
(demo, music, comedy, talk, video, story etc), and your resource
requirements, along with a short bio. Or call me to discuss, workshop or
develop ideas – 0414 94 5577.

Expressions of interest by Fri 3 March 2017 to phildooley at gmail.com.

Phil Dooley
Physics presenter and writer

The Fineprint
* Acts are limited to strictly eight minutes.
* There are limited slots available on the night: we will do our best
to include as many participants as possible, selection will be based
on showcasing a range of performances and experience.
* Available resources at the venue: powerpoint screen PC/mac,
microphone, PA sound system, dimmable lights
* Participants will need to inform us of their requirements for AV,
power etc before the night.
* There will be limited help available for setup and packup, for heavy or
complicated equipment so please BYO roadies.
* Participants must ensure that the stage is clean and tidy for the
next participant.
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