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Hello Cath and co

The Not for Profit I chaired previously used 99 Designs a few years back. We found the logo development good value and a community happy with results.

Not telling anyone how to suck eggs but logo is ultimately just one small part of your communications and branding strategy. The clearer and deeper the design brief and conversation you put forward the more likely you are going to get designs worth pursuing. 

If there are some shocking design cliches you really have no interest in seeing or some competitors that you need to distinguish from our experience was that the NFP needs to think this through, undertake the formative research and overt the issues in the brief. 

The $$ value you ascertain for an initial design will clearly influence the number and quality of ideas coming forward when using a service like this. 

Also again perhaps obvious but use of logo and how it is rolled out needs clear implementation strategy or your hard work can easily go awry.

Involve a couple of directors so that they will support and carry the final design through board approval? 

Some of the best advice I was given was to think more deeply about the organisation’s brand value. If you have a strong feeling for what that is and can express it in words and conversation then a designer can begin to interpret in an engaging logo.

Good luck.

Ian Muchamore

I am wondering if any members have experience with using logo competition sites?
There seem to be many online communities that host logo design contests, supposedly to provide more ideas and variety than a traditional design firm.  
If any members have experience (or comments) or recommendations, they’d be much appreciated.
Kind regards,
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