[ASC-list] We are interested in your 'scientific' photos and images

Rachael Dash Rachael.Dash at biotext.com.au
Sun May 14 23:58:28 UTC 2017

To all the budding image makers in the science industry

We are updating the Biotext website<http://www.biotext.com.au/>, and we are hoping to showcase photographic images from real scientists, rather than a photo library.

We are looking for images of the natural world or science with interesting perspective or detail, such as macro photos, micrograph images, abstract imagery, modelling of molecules – something we can use either as is, or after manipulating the scale or content to fit the design. Some ideas we’ve considered include microscopic images of pollen and cholesterol crystals, scientific illustrations of insects, 3D molecule models and abstract nature photography. It doesn’t matter if the image is abstract, unrecognisable or unusual (this might even help!).

We are also simply keen to connect with those of you in the business of making beautiful images, because we often need them for Biotext projects and clients.

We are happy to pay a licensing fee and/or enter into CC or other licensing agreements, as appropriate.

Please contact Hannah [hannah.angus at biotext.com.au] or Tim [tim.meyen at biotext.com.au] for more information.

Thanking you

Rachael Dash
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