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Dear Australian science communicators and science journalists,

A few weeks ago I was at the World Conference of Science Journalists<http://wcsj2017.org/> in San Francisco along with a few other Australians.

The Australian Science Communicators is a member of the World Federation of Science Journalists<http://www.wfsj.org/>, an umbrella organisation bringing together 58 national associations of science journalists and communicators from around the world.

This means that as a financial member of the ASC, you can connect in to 10,000 other science writers, communicators, public information officers and journalists from around the world.

The Federation held it's AGM at the conference. I attended on behalf of the ASC. Here are some updates from the Federation that may be of interest:

World Federation of Science Journalists AGM

The Federation runs a number of programs, workshops and produces toolkits and resources on science journalism. The conference is every two years.

The recent conference had 1,364 delegates from more than 70 countries.

The next conference is in Lausanne, Switzerland from 1-5 July 2019. It will be hosted by "an alpine consortium" consisting of the Swiss, Italian and French associations.

The Federation has produced a number of resources and toolkits to assist in capacity building and training of science journalists.

For example, some of the workshops they have run include:

  *   Covering a health crisis (run in Kenya)
  *   Strengthening nuclear safety culture (held in Germany)
  *   Covering a health crisis (Cameroon)
  *   Building and sharing good practices in science reporting in Central America (Panama).

There are toolkits online covering:

  *   Dementia for journalists
  *   Nuclear Safety
  *   Health toolbox for African journalists

They produced a research report on how African journalists experiences the Ebola crisis (Sept 2017)

SciJom - an interactive online game allows players to test and review their health journalism skills and basic knowledge of concepts related to disease outbreaks (healthtoolbox.wfsj.org/game_scijo/)

French version of the Hepatitis C toolbox

Workshop on Feeding the World: Achieving Sustainable Agriculture

Workshop on Emerging infectious diseases: Post Zika in Latin America and the Caribbean

Coming up in November 2017: Buenes Aires - 3 day workshop on vaccines

They have also run a number of symposiums and coordinate some journalism prizes and scholarships.

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