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Mary Anne Waldren maryanne at mawaction.com.au
Sun Oct 8 04:12:44 UTC 2017

Dear ASC Members

I am reaching out to see if you are hosting an event or conference in 2018 on a subject of national significance and have some talented scientists who could join a panel?  If so, it might work well for an ABC Radio National Broadcast with Life Matters, Late Night Live, Big Ideas, the Health Report or the Science Show program.  Depending on which program takes it up, we will reach between one and three million listeners.  I have a reputation for ensuring that the ideas I pitch get taken up and the programs focus on great science and its relevance.  My clients have enjoyed the balanced discussion and have enjoyed the professional influence this has around the corridors of power with many getting extra or ongoing funding as a result of the work. 

I am located in Melbourne and can do these programs in any location in Australia. 

Many producers and presenters like to start planning and locking in their programs for the year around February, so the sooner we pitch the idea the better to secure a good spot in 2018.

During the last 20 years I have had the privilege of developing, pitching and helping to deliver over 80 outside broadcasts on TV and radio for clients.  Some of you may remember my work was done via National Science Week and the Australian Science Festival which I created and ran for 18 years.

Get in touch if I can help.

Kind regards

Mary Anne

Ps. I have had a long association with the CRC Association and worked with many CRC’s in Australia over the years, the latest being with Ravi Naidu and Adam Barclay from CRC Care.  In September I developed, pitched and worked with producers to present an ABC Radio National Outside Broadcast on PFAS Chemicals at their national conference in Melbourne.  The program will go to air in October to over one million Australian listeners in early November.  

Mary-Anne Waldren
maryanne at mawaction.com.au

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