[ASC-list] Do Australians lose the ability to count on politically contentious topics?

Will Grant will.grant at anu.edu.au
Tue Apr 17 09:45:35 UTC 2018

Hi Science Communicators!

Matthew Nurse and I are looking for your help.

Have you ever come across people who just won't change their mind no matter what evidence they're given? Have you noticed that even highly intelligent or educated people fall in this category?

We're hoping to replicate a study from the USA that showed that when it comes to politically polarising areas of science, the smarter people are the more polarised they become:

To do this properly, we'll need a large sample of Australians - and that's why we're asking you to consider donating to this research.

Feel free to pass this on to anyone in your networks who you think might be able to help. Every dollar goes towards getting a meaningful sample.

Matthew Nurse / Will Grant

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