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Janet Salisbury janet.salisbury at biotext.com.au
Mon Feb 12 02:43:46 UTC 2018

Reminder – Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter – Canberra training course — last chance to enrol
I warmly invite you to join me in a world-leading 3-day training of the Art of Hosting in the Parliamentary Triangle in Canberra on 26-28 Feb 2018. The training is experiential and gives you multiple experiences of how to build cultures of collaboration and dialogue with diverse people about public issues, or within organisations and communities.

There are now 10 tickets remaining
See also a quote from my co-host Mel below about the value of this work to her.

The focus question is “What becomes possible when we learn to skilfully practice generative conversation?"
Our world needs generative conversations - conversations capable of producing something new and supporting its development - more than ever. In an era of increasing complexity and big challenges, many of us are looking for new ways to engage in respectful conversations to generate deep collaboration and thoughtful action. As science communicators, we face these challenges regularly in communicating between scientists, business, government and community.

We are holding this training in the Parliamentary Triangle as a powerful symbol that humans can collaborate for wise action on tough issues by being generative rather than adversarial.
To purchase your ticket and get more information go to the Art of Hosting Canberra website below
To also invite your colleagues share this invitation and the pdf flyer downloadable at the website.

My co-host Mel says:
"Much more than a set of tools (which are useful, impactful and generative),
the core of the practice has become a practice for living my life in a
more human way. I also find it inclusive of many other ways of contributing
to a wiser world (and there are many - including those which are often
shared here) and with less of the competitive energy that is alive in many
of our systems.

My practice has led to better relationships, better meetings, more
satisfying and fruitful conversations,  and more meaningful and impactful
engagement processes. It has also raised my capacity to collaborate on big
and small projects that not only achieve great results and impact, and also
nourish the people working in them. The practices and worldviews are also
the basis of the organisation some mates and I have created - one we
actually want to work in.

So for me, it has been a powerful experience. It has given me the
confidence to live and work in complexity and emergence, and a framework
for contributing to shifts in systems I experienced as broken - and didn't
know where to start."

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to seeing you there.


Best wishes
Janet Salisbury
For the Art of Hosting Canberra training team
Janet.salisbury at iinet.net.au<mailto:Janet.salisbury at iinet.net.au>
M 0416167280

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