[ASC-list] ASC Conference 2018 - Call for Session Producers (including workshops and socials)

Kali Madden office at asc.asn.au
Fri Jul 20 04:29:04 UTC 2018

It is time!

Calling all potential Session Producers (including Workshops and Social
Events) for the upcoming 2018 National Conference to be held in Sydney in

The theme for ASC2018 is “*Elevate Engage Collaborate*” and we will be
particularly interested in session proposals
<http://2018conf.asc.asn.au/submit-your-session-proposal/> (includes
workshops and social activities), papers, case studies and posters that
speak to this theme.

Below is an outline of what we are seeking from you in order to assist the
selection process.

This information and more is also available at the conference website here


First round: *30 July 2018* [SUBMIT

Second round: 10 August 2018


Do you or others you know have a skill/practical knowledge that you can

Have you been involved in an interesting project or two in recent years
that would make for a good case study?

Have you been doing research in science communication and education,
visiting science communication and education conferences, or have a good
literature review that you could share?

Are you a facilitator, able to draw others into exploring and practicing
new skills and knowledge?

Have you had an opportunity to work with interesting collaborators outside
of science communication who have enriched your understanding and practice
that you could invite to share?

Are you a social genius and know how to generate a good time? Submit your
social event proposal and lead the way!

Engaging, novel, innovative, creative, interactive ways of running a
session will be appreciated.
Many of our experienced professionals want to go deeper with their

Have you participated in a complex science communication project in recent
years? If yes, please offer to share about it! Either alone or with others
who were involved.

Do you have friends or colleagues outside science communication that could
bring new knowledge to this industry? Bring them in too! We’ve had many
requests to hear from experts in other industries to glean new
transferrable insights.

We would like people to think a little, enjoy themselves, and walk away
inspired and engaged.


Many who have attended previous ASC conferences have commented on the
quality of sessions and socials. This is due in large part to the producers
working behind the scenes. Producers conceive, design, plan, find speakers
for, and organise each session on the program. They may or may not also
participate in the session themselves. Session producers are featured in
the program for the event.


This year we sent out a pre-conference scoping survey (aka community
wishlist) and the live results are available for you to see what people are

View the results here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/results/SM-P6GNRPCSL/

The survey is still open and will help guide program choices for ASC2018.

Have your say here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/pre-ASC2018


ASC2010 <http://bit.ly/ASC2010ph> ~ ASC2012 <http://bit.ly/ASC2012ph> ~
ASC2014 <http://bit.ly/ASC2014ph> ~ ASC2016 <http://bit.ly/ASC2016ph> ~
ASC2017 <http://bit.ly/ASC2017ph> ~ *ASC2018* is being co-created now, by

Can't wait to see what goodies will be on the program this time around -
and that is up to you!

All of this information and more is available on the conference website here

Note for *PD Day Presenters*: We will be in touch to discuss your PD
session separately, and feel free to submit more for the larger conference
in the meantime!

Please don't hesitate to ask questions or run initial ideas by us at
program.committee at asc.asn.au




*A note about community-sourced conferences. *

We are a membership-funded not-for-profit volunteer-led industry
association with an 8 hour/week office.

Many senior science communicators and researchers believe that the strong
international standing of Australian science communication and education
research has been strongly nurtured and made possible by having a network
like the ASC for more than two decades now.

Occasionally we receive comments from conference delegates asking why there
weren't more presentations about x, or more presentations from group y?

Our answer?

Because those people did not submit a session to the conference!

Our volunteer Executive <http://www.asc.asn.au/about/#whoswho> and Program
Committee do a lot of work behind the scenes to bring in speakers and
content that is most useful for our delegates and members. Like you, they
are leading busy lives and are exceedingly generous with their time to
bring quality conferences to the community.

If you (or those you want to hear from) do not indicate a wish to
participate, the community is poorer for your absence. What other
extraordinary contributions could be available to the field if only we knew
about them?

Despite the conferences being largely made possible by volunteers, we
continue to receive wonderful feedback like the following comment from an
experienced member recently:

"*Last conference had an exceptional line up - more of the same!!*"

The conference continues to evolve and gets better the more *you* as
members contribute to creating it.

Share your views <http://bit.ly/pre-ASC2018-wishlist>, invite people you
think should be presenting to submit something
<http://bit.ly/ASC2018-producer>,  and contact people you are impressed by
and ask them to consider being involved.

And invite people to Join the ASC <http://www.asc.asn.au/join/> to support
us being here to continue to generate events and opportunities for all
those making science accessible.

Thank you!

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