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Hey there wonderful science communicators!

Thought I would share some exciting info about the Bureau of Meteorology's
AskBOM video series . Our fabulous marketing team are trying to give the
series a bit of a push by combining the release of each video with a live
Facebook event (full details below).

Please feel free to forward the info below to any other networks
particularly science teachers or general weather nerds (we all know them/
love them).  And don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions
about the videos or the event.

Cheers, Sally

*Sally Lowenstein *| Video Manager
*Community Outreach Program | National Forecast Services Group*

*Bureau of Meteorology*
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*Your questions. Our answers. Watch the #AskBOM video series*

Ever wondered how tropical cyclones are named, What is 'feels like'
temperature means or what causes a thunderstorm?

The Bureau of Meteorology has the answers to the most commonly asked
questions about all things weather related in the AskBOM video series

Starting from June 2018, the Bureau will feature a different video
from the AskBOM
fortnight with experts from across the Bureau on hand to keep the
conversation going during live Q&A events on Facebook.

We're hosting the first AskBOM live Q&A event following on from the video, What
is 'feels like' temperature
on Wednesday, 6 June from 1-2pm AEST.

*Register your interest to attend the live Q&A*

*Live Facebook Q&A*

Wednesday, 6 June 2018
1pm – 2pm AEST

*What is 'feels like' temperature?*

The difference between the temperature of the air and what it feels like to
step outside can be vast, which is why the Bureau calculates a 'feels like'
temperature to give people a better idea of what awaits them outdoors.

In addition to the air temperature, the 'feels like' temperature takes into
humidity and wind.

Bureau senior meteorologist Jenny Sturrock said the 'feels like'
temperature was calculated to show what an average adult, dressed
appropriately to the season, would feel like outdoors.

"So, if you're going to be working or playing outside and you know it's
going to be a hot day, check the 'feels like' temperature forecast and make
sure to take steps to avoid the heat stress on your body," she said.

*What is 'feels like' temperature? video

*Find out more about AskBOM

*AskBOM videos to be featured soon...*

   - What are climate zones?
   - What is a cold front?
   - What is an east coast low?
   - What is hail?
   - What's that cloud?
   - What is a thunderstorm?
   - What is a severe thunderstorm?
   - How do tropical cyclones get their names?
   - How does a weather radar work?
   - What is the monsoon?
   - What are rainbows?
   - What is an aurora?

Have another question for the Bureau of Meteorology? Send in your own
questions on social media using the hashtag #AskBOM on social media and
we'll get back to you.

*Further information*


*Connect with us*


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