[ASC-list] Are you struggling to go Global?

Mary Anne Waldren maryanne at mawaction.com.au
Mon Mar 19 01:25:23 UTC 2018

Do you want to be mentored by Masters who have grown Global Businesses?

Five Masters Entrepreneurs will be sharing their business wisdom at the groundbreaking Master Entrepreneur Program™ in May, which is designed to help you go global.  So, if you are an early career professional, a CRC or government employee interested in commercialising an idea or service, here is your chance to stand out and be mentored.

This is a speed-dating event between the five Master Entrepreneurs and up to 30 participants. The participants pitch their businesses journey before the event on paper and the Masters read it, meet the participants and choose at least one of each to mentor after the event.  The last event in December half the room were mentored.

Meet, a Food Manufacturer, a Master of global Licenceing, a global leader in digital transformation, a builder of a billion dollar enterprise, a startup champion in retail who sold out globally and some high-wealth Master Entrepreneurs who want to invest in businesses so they get their next foothold to fast-tracking growth. The program begin in May.

ASC members get $400 off the event by simply writing “FACTOR” in the code when registering.

Workshops: Sydney 1 May, Melbourne 15 May.   


Mary-Anne Waldren
maryanne at mawaction.com.au

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