[ASC-list] Melbourne International Comedy Festival: science show recommendations and discounts

Tom Lang langetc at gmail.com
Thu Mar 29 03:40:07 UTC 2018

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is upon us and with with more
shows than there are grains of sand on St Kilda beach it can be hard to
work out what to see. Do you choose based on which comedian has bought more
tram advertising? Which town hall flyerer has the most outlandish costume?
Which one your mum liked in that show about the town? What was her name…
Kate something… maybe Laura. Is there a Laura?

Those are all good methods. But there is another way: by picking the
scienciest shows.

We know science is cool, and it’s also funny.This year sees a number of
smart comedians and funny scientists take to the stage in the name of

For your convenience, I’ve gathered T*he top 5 scienciest shows to catch at
the MICF:*

*Alanta Colley: Days of our Hives*


This is the tale of Alanta’s adventures and misadventures in urban
beekeeping. After fleeing from a swarm in the Czech republic Alanta turned
her fear into fascination and is now a proud member of Melbourne’s urban
beekeeping community; removing swarms from her neighbour’s kitchen, sharing
bee trivia and upsetting people by explaining honey is, in fact, bee vomit.
Returning from an entirely sold out season of her debut solo show Parasites
Lost at last year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Alanta’s nerdy
concoction of evidence-based comedy and personal confessions has been
warmly received across Australia and internationally.
Days of our Hives runs from April 9-22 at Belleville at 7.15pm.

*Chris Lassig: Dr Chris’s Theory of everything*


After 20 years in the scientific wilderness, renegade physicist Dr Chris is
ready to reveal the secrets of the universe. But are you ready?
There’ll be lasers, there’ll be cats, there’ll be Kate Winslet, there’ll be
hippies and boy bands. Basically there’ll be everything. Yes, yes, that
includes sex. And yes, he feels weird about that too.

There won’t be a test.

Dr Chris’s Theory of everything runs from April 9-15 at the Butterfly Club
at 5.30pm.

Chris has offered a discount code for ASC members: just type in SCIENCE at
the prompt to get $7 off full-price tickets!

*Luke morris: The Wine Science Show*


A wine science talk with jokes, answering questions such as how much wine
you can drink, why you drink, how come Hungarians are dangerous with
Champagne, and how horrible it was to work for Dom Perignon. Drawing on
biology, neuroscience, psychology and MicrosoftPaint, this is the perfect
pre-dinner, post-work, or intra-drinking show.
Hosted by Luke Morris, a wine buff (Pondalowie Vineyards, Langton’s),
science student (La Trobe University, Laborastory) and comedian (Goldmines,
Shamrock). This show is a combination of these backgrounds, with the
additional use of live yeast, fizz, dirty stemware, asparagus and a blender.

The Wine Science Show runs from March 28-April 7 at Pilgrim bar at 5.45pm

Luke has offered a discount code for ASC members: just type in FERMENTATION
at the prompt for $15 tickets!

Matt Kilpa: For science!


Acclaimed comedian, musician and actual scientist Matt Kilpa is back to ask
some important questions, mostly in the key of A. What does science mean in
today’s world of alternative facts? Why has anti-intellectualism, in the
form of anti-vaxxers and climate change deniers, seen such a dramatic
increase in recent years? Why won’t Paleo Pete shut the f*%k up?

For Science! runs from 28th March to 9th April at the Croft Institute at

Luke has offered a discount code for ASC members: just type in EXPERIMENT
at the prompt for 25% off tickets online or mention it at the door.

SEAN ELLIOT: The Onion of Knowledge


Sean is going to take you on a journey. On the way you’ll hear about a
robot who beat Napoleon at his own game, the mathematician who won an
argument and was drowned and the climate scientist who drank scotch on the
rocks using 10,000-year-old ice.
Come meet the good, the bad and the quirky on the way to The Onion of

Sean M Elliott has spent the vast majority of his adult life teaching
science, presenting science, singing science and writing science, in all
sorts of forms, for all sorts of people. He put on his first live science
stage show in 2011 and has since performed in the Adelaide and Melbourne
Fringe Festivals. Sean now makes his Melbourne International Comedy
Festival debut with The Onion of Knowledge.

The Onion of Knowledge runs on weekends only from March 30-April 22, at the
Imperial Hotel, at 3.30pm.

That should get you started. Of course, this is just the tip of the
comedy-berg. It’s a great time to get out and see some new, upcoming, and
experimental comedy of all sorts. If you’re not sure what’s good, the
gaggle of comedians and volunteers outside the Town Hall and in every venue
have tons of in-depth and only fairly biased recommendations. Have a great
comedy festival!

List compiled by Tom Lang
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