[ASC-list] Canberra event: would the Energiewenden exhibition work in Australia?

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Thu May 24 01:46:21 UTC 2018

How do politicians manage the minefield of of interests and emotions that surround climate change and energy policy?

Munich’s Deutsche Museum has mounted an exhibition which places the public in the political hot seat. 

Visitors listen to ten interested parties, each representing a different voice in the community: a retired couple, business executive, farmer growing for the biomass fuel market and coal miner. They vote, justifying their decision, and in the end discover where they sit on the political spectrum. The exhibit allows visitors to experience the political pressures of policymaking. 
Deutsche was quite doubtful about the exhibition and has been astounded and delighted to find it has been the most popular exhibition they’ve had this century. It is mobile and the Museum is willing to lend it to Australia. The seminar discussion will show a short video of the exhibition before an interactive discussion of the questions:

At which institution in Australia would such a display best be mounted?
Which interests should be represented on the panels?
What should the faces representing these interests say in their 60 seconds, and who should write this material?
What are the challenges of writing three alternative decisions following on from each of 60 second statements?
Speaker is Toss Gascoigne is a visiting fellow at the Centre for Public Awareness of Science at the ANU.

Thursday 28 June, 4pm
CPAS Green Couch Room
Peter Baume Building #42A
Australian National University

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