[ASC-list] Person to join panel at ASC Conference in Sydney?

Toss Gascoigne director at tossgascoigne.com.au
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Hi, ASC Conference-attendees

We’re running a session at the ASC Conference which discusses a new international study charting the way modern science communication has emerged over the last 50 or so years.  42 different countries are involved and the book will be published by ANU Press.

We have a panel discussion with the editor, and the author of the chapter on Canada (and member of the Editorial Board); and it would be good to get a third person.  Joan Leach was originally on the panel but now can’t attend the conference.  Merryn McKinnon may be able to join us by videolink.

But it would be good to have another panelist, someone interested in looking at the recent history of science communication as it has happened in museums, science centres, media, organisations and government policy.  

The session is on Wednesday 14 10.20-11.20.

Let me know if you’re interested and we can organise a chat about how we’ll tresat the session.  The proposal we lodged with ASC is pasted below.

Toss Gascoigne

Here’s the original proposal:

Our project documents how modern science communication has emerged in different countries over the last 50 years. It involves 123 authors working in teams from 43 countries including Ghana, Malaysia, Mexico, Indonesia, Turkey and Colombia as well as major powers such as the UK, USA, Germany, China and Japan.

The project documents the pathways different countries have taken, recording major events, debates and activities in science communication as they moved to adopt the practices of modern science communication. What challenges did they face, and what solutions have they found?

The project has attracted enormous interest in science communication communities around the world. Strong demand has meant the original 20 participating countries has grown to 43. The hunger of countries to learn from international experience is clear. Representation is divided equally between post-industrial nations and countries with a developing industrial base in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

What practical advice can be gleaned from the national reports to help deal with pressing problems at home? How can science communication be applied to assist countries ‘to secure the fundamentals of human well-being – health, food, energy, jobs’?

It’s an Australian project with international impact, and the results will be published by ANU Press.

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