[ASC-list] Art of scicomm exhibition call for proposals for ASC2018

David Harris physicsdavid at gmail.com
Thu Oct 4 21:36:03 UTC 2018

Hi ASCers,

We're having an exhibition of art/design/visual scicomm at the conference
and are open to more submissions. Details and submission link below or
contact me for more info.


The art of science communication

Science communicators often turn to the creative arts in their visual
science communication projects. Whether many of these works would be called
art is highly contested. On the other hand, many could easily be called
works of design. So how do these different fields interact in their
science-related visual displays? This exhibition explores works that range
across visual communication, design, and art, teasing at the boundaries of
these fields and considering how they play into the field of science

To be mounted in the public space throughout the ASC 2018 conference, the
exhibition will invite inspection, reflection, and comparison of works that
are aesthetically interesting and intellectually challenging. Static visual
works will be shown as physical prints in the conference foyer while video
and screen based works will show in the Turbine Hall during the main
evening event.

Submissions of your own or nominations of others are welcome for
consideration in the exhibition. All submissions should be made as digital
images or videos. Although lower resolutions images are fine for
submission, final images must be available as at least A3 at 300 dpi
(approx. 5000 pixels on the long side) or, preferably, as vector art.
Videos must be available at 1080p or better but lower resolution is fine
for consideration. Video should stand alone without sound due to the
presentation space. Work can be submitted at:

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