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Sean M Elliott sean.m.elliott at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 04:00:24 UTC 2019

Heya everybody!

The last three shows for Tesla: Death Rays & Elephants 🐘🌩 is happening
this Easter weekend. (19, 20, 21 April beginning 4pm at the Imperial Hotel,

If you haven't seen it (or you have and want to see it again 😎) then
here's a special code to get two tickets for the price of one.

1. Book your tickets through the MICF page for "Tesla".
2. Click the "Redeem Promotional Code" link on the checkout page, and use
the code TOPSY to get two tickets for the price of one.

The Battle for Power Begins!

*Tesla: Death Rays & Elephants* is a family science show about Nikola Tesla
and electricity.
Presented by Rough Science, it will be showing during the *Melbourne
International Comedy Festival 2019*.
*Tesla: Death Rays & Elephants* is science storytelling, science demos, and
a critique of modern science debates all rolled into one sharp stage show.
Nikola Tesla was a pretty big deal in the history of high voltage
electricity, and this show explores the kooky oddities of his life.

Also, there's a Tesla Coil in the show. It's a device that spits out
electrical sparks. It's pretty cool.

*Tesla: Death Rays & Elephants* will be taking place during the Melbourne
International Comedy Festival at the Imperial Hotel, Melbourne.
March 30 to April 21, weekends and public holidays, at 4pm.

*Book today! *Bookings can be made online via the Melbourne International
Comedy Festival

It will be awesome to see you there :)



*Sean M Elliott*
Rough Science

sean at roughscience.net
+61 (0) 422 260 116
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