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Spot the Bull S…cience

The Science Nation is celebrating National Science Week with *Spot the Bull
S…cience*, a contest of intelligence, interrogation and deceit. The premise
is simple – Australia’s best and brightest scientists will present three
scientific ‘facts’; the catch is, only two are correct! Your job is to
discern the truthful statements from the fiction while the scientists do
their Oscar-winning best to fool you into believing the latter. *Spot the
Bull S…cience* is 90 minutes of science and laughs that promises to be fun
for everyone.

Events will be held on the following dates and cities:
11 August – Sydney

Trying to fool Sydney is: microbial ecologist and hobby guitarist, Dr Marco
Giardina; marine biologist, fish sex researcher and underwater explorer,
Prof Bill Gladstone; chemist, science communicator and host of *Up and Atom*,
Dr Alice Motion; physicist, freediver and mountaineer, Dr Peter Rohde; and
veterinary geneticist and part-time seahorse stalker, Dr Bianca Waud.

[image: Sydney 5]

   - Time: 3:30-5pm (doors open at 3pm), 11 August 2019.
   - Venue: Maritime Museum <http://www.anmm.gov.au/>, Sydney.
   - Tickets: $10 online <https://www.trybooking.com/BDLGI>, $15 at the
   door (cash only).
   - Calendar: Add Sydney’s event to your Facebook calendar

15 August – Brisbane

Trying to fool Brisbane is: mathematician, cryptographer, and Eurovision
aficionado, Prof Ben Burton; cancer researcher and QLD Tall Poppy Scientist
with funky hair, Dr Ken Dutton-Regester;  Venom Doc
<http://www.venomdoc.com/>, A/Prof Bryan Grieg Fry; cognitive scientist and
overly-optimistic ‘body builder’, Ryan Metcalfe;  and virologist and avid
watcher of Korean variety TV shows, Dr Kirsty Short.

[image: Brisbane 5]

   - Time: 7:30-9pm (doors open at 7pm), 15 August 2019.
   - Venue: Queensland Museum <http://www.qm.qld.gov.au/>, South Brisbane.
   - Tickets: $10 online <https://www.trybooking.com/BDLGT>, $15 at the
   door (cash only).
   - Calendar: Add Brisbane’s event to your Facebook calendar

17 May – Adelaide

Trying to fool Adelaide is: anthropologist and evolutionary scientist, Prof
Alan Cooper; mousey avatar creator and boutique gin aficionado, Dr Laura
Eadie; entomologist and swing dancer, Dr Erinn Fagan-Jeffries; sociologist
who can drive a fork-lift, A/Prof Paula Geldens; and wine chemist, wine
educator and aspiring llama farmer, Prof Kerry Wilkinson.

[image: Adelaide 5]

   - Time: 4-5:30pm (doors and bar open at 3:30pm), 17 August 2019.
   - Venue: RiAus <http://riaus.org.au/>, The Science Exchange
   <http://scienceexchange.com.au/>, Adelaide.
   - Tickets: $10 online <https://www.trybooking.com/BDLGV>, $15 at the
   door (cash only).
   - Calendar: Add Adelaide’s event to your Facebook calendar

18 August – Melbourne

Trying to fool Melbourne is: immunologist and begrudging Pokemon
enthusiast, Dr Jess Borger; animal physiologist, neuroscientist and
backyard orchardist, Dr Angelina Fong; biomedical engineer who believes
diamonds really are a girl’s best friend, Dr Kate Fox; immunologist and
singer-in-the-shower, Catriona Nguyen-Robertson; and engineer of novel
materials, writer of non/fiction and bow tie enthusiast, Dr Mohammad Taha.

[image: Melbourne 5]

   - Time: 3-4:30pm (doors open at 2:30pm), 18 August 2019.
   - Venue: Royal Society of Victoria
   - Tickets: $10 online <https://www.trybooking.com/BDLGY>, $15 at the
   door (cash only).
   - Calendar: Add Melbourne’s event to your Facebook calendar

Please submit any questions via email <info at thesciencenation.com>.
*Spot the Bull S…cience* is proudly brought to you by the Australian Centre
for Ancient DNA <https://www.adelaide.edu.au/acad/> at the University of


Dr Andrew Stephenson

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